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Here is the story behind this historic sign:

Jim and Marge Henry moved to Lake Orion in 1963. They bought a house at 710 Orion Road and discovered the 8’ by 4’ metal sign, which reads, “You are in Lake Orion, Enjoy Yourself”. The home was originally built in 1927 by art collectors Art Brooks and Earl Abbots, and they are believed to have procured the sign. Jim and Marge Henry stored the sign in their garage for years, but eventually it was displayed in the home of their son Matt Henry, who had historian James Ingram look at it.


According to Matt Henry, Ingram found reference to the sign in a 1930s publication, where a reverend made reference to the “Enjoy Yourself” suggestion from the sign. The reverend effectively said, “Enjoy yourself, but not too much”. Because of Ingram’s finding, it is believed that the sign dates back to the 1930s, but where exactly the sign was located is still a mystery. The Henry's donated the sign to the Orion Historic Society in 2009. It was stored in a member’s garage until the Orion Historic Society donated the sign to the Orion Township Library in 2016.


The library hired professional conservator of antique art LaVere Webster to preserve the sign, and the restoration was completed during the summer of 2017. The sign now hangs in the Orion Township Public Library for all to enjoy.


Sized 17.75"w x 11.75"h and printed on aluminum. For in and outdoor use. Free LOcal delivery! 

Lake Orion "Enjoy Yourself" Metal Sign

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